How I Get My Stories Distributed On Medium

It turned out to be easier than I thought

Yasmin Rodriguez
3 min readMay 16, 2022


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When I started Medium, I felt distribution was a dream, then with reading and experience, it turned out to be easier than I ever thought. In this article, I will share how I get most of the articles distrubted.

Before I start though, I want you to know that distribution is mostly done by an algorithm. Remember this while reading my recommendations.

1. Use Grammarly or anything alike

I am not a native, and I know my English is not that good. Yet, I want to reach people with my ideas. So What I do is I use Grammarly chrome extension, and it helps me in fixing the apparent mistakes. I published before from another laptop without Grammarly, and the article wasn’t distributed because of that.

I believe the algorithm is auto-detecting clear grammatical mistakes, and the more it finds the less likely it is to distribute the article.

2. Use only Unsplash photos

When writing a new story, add only photos through the search option from the editor. If you decided to search outside the editor, make sure to add a caption to the image with all the needed credits, and make sure you have the right to use this image.

Medium would never distribute an article with an unknown image source as you must have the copyright. So I believe the algorithm just auto-accepts the captions that say the photo is from unsplash.

3. Recheck the main title

The main title of the story might be the main reason the article would be refused. I remember I added a dot at the end of the title, and the article wasn’t accepted. Also, whenever I notice I forgot a grammatical mistake in the title, the article is not accepted. Last, I love to always check the title case as well using any title case convertor.

4. Publishing Hours

It is weird, but I made this decision by practice. Whenever I publish an article out specific hours (4 pm-11 pm GMT time) I get unaccepted! So I decided that my publishing hour should always be in between this zone. My perfect time is 8 pm GMT time. So If I wrote…



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