Can You Earn $100+ Using HoneyGain?

Is HoneyGain legit or a scam?

Yasmin Rodriguez
3 min readApr 22, 2022


Screenshot from my HoneyGain Dashboard

I am very interested in passive income, and whenever I see a title about a new side hustle, I just try to read and try. After doing my research, I decide if it is with it or not. So recently I came across articles about HoneyGain.

What’s HoneyGain?

In brief, HoneyGain is an application that claims that would help you earn money by just being connected to the internet. May writers claim it is passive, but I don’t see the definition of passive on how it works. As you get money only when you are connected. What makes it passive is, that whenever someone installed the application through your affiliate link, you get 10% of his revenue.

Why would HoneyGain pay you to just be connected to the internet? They claim they just gather analytics and statistics about the network and they would never access your data.

I tried it…

I created an account on HoneyGain, using an affiliate link from a medium article so I got my first $5, cool! Then I searched for the android application, and I didn’t find it. So It turned out you must download an APK of the application from their website.

And here I stopped!

I am a software engineer, and this is not safe for me. I know how unsafe this can be. So I decided to not just download the APK and to go to their Facebook and read real reviews and to know if it is a scam.

My concerns…

My main concern about HoneyGain is security. No matter how secure they promised me it would be, I just don’t trust them. Yet, If I was sure It will get money, I would have set up a device with no data to worry about with HoneyGain and still feel cautious.

Yet, I don’t trust writers when they share an affiliate link. Simply because they want the 10% of what you may gain. So they might dream of getting 1000 users through their affiliate link and in this case they might earn some money. So I preferred to do my research to know how much money people earn. Many writers claimed you can make $500 per month using it and I am here to tell you if it is true or not.

It’s not a scam



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