6 Keys To Stay Connected To Your Child

Stay connected to your kids, this is all that you need

Yasmin Rodriguez
3 min readJun 20, 2022


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Raising a child these days is a very hard mission, especially with the highly required costs of life. We all need many hours for work but we have a little time to spend with our family. We suffer from few meetings and short conversations with children. So we have no focus on the child’s thoughts or feelings, no time for looking at his eyes to understand his deep feelings! Do you remember your last long conversation with your child?

In this article, I will tell you how to stay connected to your child. Staying connected is the pursuit of love between you and your child.

1. Be a friend, and stop judging

Focus and listen to his needs, understand the reasons for his behaviors to help him not to judge him, Don’t hurry up in making your decisions, because delaying the correct action is better than the quick wrong one, and try to be in his place of refuge. Always remember to have empathy before judgment.

2. Focus on quality, not the quantity

Spend ten minutes talking together without any interruption — like technology devices or even a radio — All you need is just your voices while having a lovely chat, and creating sweet memories while sharing your feelings, playing a sport, reading a book, supporting each other and thinking about improving your lives.

3. Unconditional love

Everyone needs to feel safe and loved. We all need that feeling that there is a person who stands there for us despite our shape, color, or personality. Someone who cares about saving our souls, pushing us to the correct path every time we take the wrong one. We need that support, unconditional love, and safety. Only a parent can give this to his child!

4. Accept yourself:-

Accepting yourself and understanding your needs will help you in listening and understanding others, getting being a human who makes mistakes will help correct them quickly, also you will deal with your challenges and let your kids learn more from your acts than words. It’s okay to not be a perfect parent, but always be that parent who…



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